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Expert Coffee Insights: Reviews, Equipment Guides and Recommendations

At Latte Llama, my mission is to educate and guide as many people as possible towards choosing the equipment that best suits them and ultimately achieving their dream coffee setup.

I’m able to successfully complete this mission after many years of dabbling with coffee machines, visiting various coffee shops, and tasting all that they have to offer.

I hope to bring you into the lovely world of coffee by providing all the important information you will need, such as providing recommendations, reviews, all-inclusive guides, and top tips.

Meet Carl – Founder, Researcher and Product Reviewer


I have been on my coffee journey for about 6 years now and during that time I was frequently going in and out of numerous coffee shops ranging from mainstream coffee chains to small independent cafés. Over these years I have tried vastly different types of coffee; from the darkest of roasts to the light and delightfully smooth.

Whilst I continue on my extensive coffee journey, I aim to use my experience to provide help to anybody looking for information on coffee. That includes reviewing all sorts of coffee-related equipment, answering any and all questions you may have, and most importantly, helping you make the best purchasing decisions possible.

I love tasting every type of coffee I can get my hands on and enjoy the thought of helping people find quality information to assist with their coffee-related queries.

My roles here at Latte Llama involve researching which topics to write about, to ensure the best quality content and carrying out the final edits to ensure you find the answers you need as fast as possible.