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Best Espresso Machine Under $200: My Top 3 Picks

Achieve café-quality espresso with the best espresso machine under $200. Expertly reviewed for your perfect morning brew.

best espresso machine under 200

Expert Consulted: Carl. Utilizing my 6 years of experience in the coffee industry, I’m able to provide accurate and concise information, helping you make informed choices about beans, brewing methods, and equipment, thereby elevating your coffee experience. In this article, I’ll share my knowledge and experience to help you really find the best espresso machine under $200.

Most coffee snobs or serious home baristas would tell you that getting the best espresso machine for under $200 is silly, but that’s where they’re wrong. People want to make great affordable espresso at home, and I’m here to help with that.

I have finished analyzing many reviews for each of these products in order to gather the information I need to truly guide you in your search for the best espresso machine under $200.

In this article, I will guide you through my top 3 picks and go into extreme detail on each one. So let’s do this.

Best Espresso Machines Under $200: A Quick Look

For those who don’t want to scour through this article to find what they need, here’s a quick overview of each machine!



  • Automatic

  • Usable with pods

  • No skills required



  • Travel case included

  • Pro-level espresso

  • Easy to clean



  • Incredible value

  • Easy to use

  • Small and compact

Is It Worth It To Get an Espresso Machine Under $200?

Of course it’s worth it! Some people might try to insist that you save up for a super fancy multi-thousand dollar machine but that is simply not necessary.

Obviously, you have to have realistic expectations, so don’t expect to be able to steam milk in 15 seconds or brew while steaming for example. If you’re looking for extra fancy features and commercial-level components, I suggest looking elsewhere.

However, if you’re simply looking for high-quality espresso at home then any one of these will suit your needs nicely.

My 3 Picks For The Best Espresso Machine Under $200

DeLonghi Stilosa


De'Longhi Stilosa

Easy to use


Powerful steam wand

Incredible Value


Only comes with pressurized filter baskets

This machine is perfect for those who are just starting their espresso journey as it’s very easy to use, compact, and extremely budget-friendly.

Because of its size, you won’t have any trouble finding the best place for it. Another great reason to go with this machine is that you’ll most likely have some money left for a quality burr grinder!

The De’Longhi Stilosa comes with a 33.8-ounce water tank, a 15-bar pressure pump, and a manual steam wand for just $88!

Unfortunately, you will have to buy a milk pitcher separately.

Yet another great feature is the fact that you can even use espresso pods, or ESE pods if you’re running low on time.

If you haven’t yet invested in a burr grinder, you could use pre-ground coffee, as this machine comes with pressurized filter baskets that make pulling a tasty shot a walk in the park even if your grind size isn’t up to par.

Although, if you’re looking for the best espresso from this machine, I would highly recommend investing in some non-pressurized baskets. Don’t worry though, as they are very cheap and will transform your espresso.

If you’re looking for a great affordable burr grinder, check out this article I made!

Cleaning is not an issue either, since the water tank is removable, and if you purge the steam wand after each use, you’ll always be ready to brew a wonderful cup.

Flair Espresso Maker


Flair Espresso Maker

Café-Quality Espresso!

A lot of control

No electricity required

Top-notch espresso

Incredible Value

Small footprint

Does not include milk steamer

Takes a little getting used to

At first glance, this coffee maker may look a bit challenging. But rest assured, the Flair Espresso Maker is actually fairly simple to use. The only real issues you’ll have when first learning how to use it will be based on the manual lever.

As it’s a fully manual espresso maker, you are the one responsible for creating the necessary pressure required, using your strength and muscle power.

Coming in at $165, the Flair Espresso Maker is your gateway to professional-level shots. It comes with an 18-gram, non-pressurized filter basket, a bottomless portafilter, and even a carrying case!

In order for you to create that café-quality espresso that you desire, a good-quality burr grinder is required. If you do not wish to spend hundreds upon hundreds of dollars on a burr grinder, then see here for my article choosing the best grinder for under $100!

Let’s move on to cleaning. This coffee maker is remarkably easy to clean, due to the fact that it has no water tank, no steam wand, and everything is detachable. Including even the brewing head!

A really great thing people don’t talk about enough with this machine is your grind size.

Because you are the one creating all the pressure, the grind size becomes less important. This is really great for a few reasons:

  1. If your grind size is too fine, resulting in the puck being very dense and hard for you to create the necessary pressure required, you can simply start with low pressure for about 30 seconds and that will make the puck a little softer and allow for the proper pressure needed.
  2. This ties in with number 1, which is manual pre-infusion. Having a lever for making the pressure means you get to choose exactly what goes on when applying it, allowing for easy custom pre-infusion.

Jassy Espresso Machine


Jassy Espresso Maker

Super Automatic For Under $200!

Super automatic

Compatible with pods

20-bar pressure system

Incredible Value

Has a self cleaning system

Detachable milk tank with auto milk options

Does not allow custom shot times

Milk foam could be better

Who would’ve thought you could get a super-automatic espresso machine for under $200? I certainly didn’t until I stumbled upon the Jassy Espresso Machine.

The Jassy truly does it all, it can automatically froth milk for lattes and cappuccinos, it can make espresso with the touch of a button, and so much more.

As standard, this machine comes with two brewing buttons, a single shot, and a double shot. For those who like to have a little more or a little less coffee.

It gets better, there’s even a capsule adaptor for the filter basket, so if you really want a stress-free experience then this is for you!

Perhaps the shining light of this brilliant machine is the detachable milk tank. This connects to an automatic frothing system, allowing for a cappuccino or a latte with just the touch of a button!

There are a few settings to choose from for your frothed milk in your milk-based espresso drinks too, so why don’t you test them all and find the best for your specific taste?

Just when you think this machine can’t get any better, it surprises you with its powerful heating system. The Jassy Espresso Machine will be ready to use in less than a minute! Perfect for those who are in a rush or just want a quick coffee.

Also, with a built-in semi-automatic cleaning and descaling function, and a removable drip tray, the Jassy really does basically everything for you.

How To Decide On The Best Espresso Machine Under $200 For You

Although these are all great options, they each come with their own downsides and differences. With that in mind, I have put together a section to help you find the perfect one for you!

Machine Type

I have carefully put together this list to ensure that each machine is a different type.

Perhaps you’re looking for the best espresso quality and you don’t mind a fully manual machine where you’re responsible for creating the pressure? Well then, the Flair Espresso Maker is the one for you.

Just make sure to keep in mind that you’ll have to take a little bit of time to get used to the Flair, and you’ll need an above-average grinder to make the most out of it.

But what if you don’t want to do any work at all, and just want to click a few buttons to get your coffee? Then you most definitely will be drawn to the Jassy Espresso Machine.

For the best of both worlds, you can go with the De’Longhi Stilosa, as it has a manual milk steamer for perfect milk texture, and the ability to change your espresso to taste due to the custom shot timer.

But as I’ve mentioned already, the espresso quality of these two machines will be inferior to the Flair, due to the pressurized filter baskets that come with them. Although it makes it much easier to use, your espresso won’t be as sweet and complex.


Luckily, when looking for the best espresso machine under 200 dollars, they are pretty much all quite small.

So you should have no issue finding a place for them, or accidentally knocking them off your countertop when securing your portafilter!

How Easy Is It To Clean?

How easy is it to clean: best espresso machine under 200

Everyone’s nightmare, cleaning. But alas, it has to be done.

The Flair Espresso Maker is definitely the easiest to clean, because it has no water tank, no steam wand, and everything is detachable.

On the other hand, the De’Longhi Stilosa and Jassy Espresso Machine each have a water tank and a steam wand, etc. But the Jassy has a milk tank which is another item to clean.

The Jassy does have the upper hand though, due to its semi-automatic cleaning and descaling function.




  • Automatic

  • Usable with pods

  • No skills required



  • Travel case included

  • Pro-level espresso

  • Easy to clean



  • Incredible value

  • Easy to use

  • Small and compact

These machines are all great, and as I stated earlier, they will suit different people. But, if you want to know my top pick, it has to be the De’Longhi Stilosa. It just has it all.

However, if I was not into milk-based coffee drinks, then I would most definitely go for the Flair Espresso Maker for that café-quality espresso.

Then finally, I think the Jassy Espresso Machine really speaks for itself, if you want a completely stress-free and easy coffee, this is the one for you.

I hope this guide has given you all the information you need to choose the perfect coffee companion for your home! If you have any other coffee-related questions, perhaps check out some of my other articles!

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